Local elections are coming up in May and you must register to vote by the 19th April 2021.

It takes just 5 minutes to register online at gov.uk/registertovote.

Got 5? Image of a kettle and brewing cup of tea.

Polling stations will be safe places to vote in May, but there are other ways to vote.

The electoral commission and local councils have made plans to ensure that you can vote in person in safety on the 6th of May.

Alternatively, you can choose to vote by post or using a proxy. Contact Lancaster City Council by email elections@lancaster.gov.uk or telephone 01524 582905.

Applications for postal votes can be made until the 20th April 2021 but the Council has requested that applications be made as early as possible.

How will you vote at the elections in May? In person; by post; by proxy. The Electoral Commission. Your vote matters. Don't lose it.

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