Keyless Vehicle Thefts

Very recently there have been three pickup trucks stolen from the south of the County, these vehicles were two Mitsubishi L200s and a Nissan Navara, vehicles that are commonly used in, and by, the rural community.

This latest theft has been captured on CCTV and revealed the method used by the offenders. It appears that this is a one of the few cases of 'relay theft' confirmed in Lancashire.
For those who aren't aware, relay theft is a method of vehicle theft that uses high tech equipment held by one offender near to, but not actually in, the house to pick up the signal from the vehicle fob in the house and send the signal wirelessly to a receiver held by an accomplice near to the vehicle. This tricks the car into thinking the key is at the vehicle and allows it to be opened and driven away.

If you have a vehicle with a “keyless” system you should be wary about where you keep your vehicle “key” and put it away from windows, doors and porches when not in use and if possible, protect it with a proprietary signal blocking pouch whilst it is in your property – it is reported that even putting them in the microwave, whilst remembering that they are there before you use it, can have the desired blocking effect. Email tracking gif

Message Sent By Nicholas Baxter (Police,PCSO,Morecambe,HeyshamSouth,Overton)

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