Fly Tipping


Fly-tipping in our area, particularly the Snatchems Marsh Road, Sunderland Point causeway, and on the nature reserves is fast becoming a major issue.

Whilst Lancaster City Council is responsible for dealing with fly-tipping on streets and public land, the landowner in the case of private land (farm land etc) has this unwanted and sometimes expensive responsibility.

If you see waste that has been fly-tipped then you should report it to the City Council by using their dedicated reporting line:

If you see waste being fly-tipped and you are able to safely, and without putting yourself in any form of danger, get details of the vehicle (description and registration number), and anything else you think might be useful, please advise me with this information as soon as possible then we can hopefully catch those responsible and try and put an end to this criminal and anti-social behaviour that spoils the environment we like to enjoy and potentially endangers farm animals and wildlife. Email tracking gif

Message Sent By: Nick Baxter (Police, PCSO, Morecambe Rural, Overton & Middleton)

You can sign up to recieve notices like this by email at

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